Gervonta Davis Baby Mom Dretta Files For Child Support! Says He Only Pays If She Has Sex W/ Him!

Pay Like You Weigh

Featherweight boxer Gervonta Davis is contesting a child support claim from Dretta Star filled last month. The stay at home mom says Gervonta refuses to pay, and requests she give him sexual favors. Last month she claimed she helped him smuggle his side chick in and out of Baltimore before his ex Ari Fletcher flew in!

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Andretta Smothers sued Davis over the summer, alleging that they were in a relationship and Davis agreed to support her and the baby while she was a stay at home mother. But she said he doubled back once the relationship was over, and has since demanded “seductive favors” for child support!

The mom said Davis’ boxing checks are more than enough to support their daughter ! She also referenced his flashy social media posts of jewelry worth six figures.

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