New Single Alert: “Average” by Philly Blocks

Philly Blocks “Average”

New Fire

The Crowned Prince of the Ville (Louisville), Kentucky “PhillyBlocks563” aka “Mr.What the Game’s been Missing” while going strong with his hood anthem “Days of our lives” “the 502 Kapo is dropping another installment! This time around he’s taking us back down memory lane! Think to an era before the bars , before he was “the crowned prince“, and when the loud pack was midget… !

Philly Blocks


Philly Blocks is making sure to give props to the down ass female that has his back. Also while giving a message to one’s that counted him out back when he was just “Average” so hit play and then patch’n with “Philly Blocks” on a daily via Twitter/IG @PhillyBlocks

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