11 Ways Smart People Deal With Toxic A$$ Individuals!

We live in a internet world where negative people can come spew their toxic ways with the click of an app. It’s so easy to get wrapped up into a toxic person’s chaotic mindset and lifestyle if you’re unaware of the time spent around them. Have you ever found yourself trying to figure out how you could axe complainers, users, and other unwanted energies out of your life?

Here’s 11 ways smart people deal with toxic a$$ individuals :

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Set Limits

There is a really fine line between being an empathetic person, and being a punching bag. It’s always helpful to be a listening ear when the time, and setting is right. Set boundaries by not engaging in unproductive conversation . If you haven’t finished a project, or you’re in the middle of something important simply tell them you can talk later. Limit the time spent talking about certain topics by changing the subject or calling them back. Don’t feel bad for not engaging in unproductive and negative conversation if its going to set you back .

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Ignore In Some Cases

Learning the dynamics of toxic people. Toxic individuals love and crave attention. Try ignoring them when around others, so they don’t go over the deep end. If you were to ignore a toxic person will alone they may make the problem bigger. Toxic people live for drama.

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Don’t Gossip or Tell Them Secrets

Toxic people loveeeee drama! They will tell others what you said about them in order to gain control of the dynamics of a relationship/friendship . If they don’t have something to run and tell it makes them feel unimportant as well

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Listen To Their Lies

Let a toxic person tell al the lies they want, and keep a mental note of the lies they have told. Don’t feel the need to correct them on the previous lies they have told. By keeping account of their lies puts you ahead of the situation.

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Don’t Pity Them

Toxic people always blame others for everything that went or is going wrong in their life. They live in the past, and play on others feeling sorry for them. Smart people know where they went wrong, and don’t feel sorry for themselves . Instead they think of ways to attack the issues at hand and fix it. Someone who is toxic will count on you feeling sorry for them, and taking over their problems.

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They Prey On Weaker Individuals

A toxic person loves to have a weaker individual around them, so they can bully the into being the flunky. Someone at a disadvantage is most likely to have lower self esteem, and toxic people know this. Standing up for yourself when you’re feeling perf pressured into doing something helps when dealing with a toxic person. They will keep pressing the issue into they know you won’t be manipulated .

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Keep Your Emotions In Check

Never let someone take you out of character if not necessary .When dealing with a negative person you have to be aware of your own mental health and state. It you aren’t in the best mental state stay away or walk away from a toxic situation. If it’s someone you are forced to live with try to remind yourself that this person is looking for a reaction. So don’t give them one.

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Find A Solution

A complainer and negative person hates finding actual solutions to their problems. They rather complain all day, and talk about it so others will feel sorry for them. When you find a solution to the toxic person’s problem they HATE that! Why? Because now they can’t complain about it anymore.

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Everybody Can’t Be Your Friend

Smart people know that everyone can’t be their friend, and that everyone won’t like them. Just knowing this will limit the amount of unnecessary people in your life. Someone always in the mix usually has the most problems.

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Stay Goal Orientated

Stay focus because once a toxic person sees that your are unaffected by them, and they can’t throw you off track they tend to back off. Toix people aren’t dumb, and they know its a waste of time to bother you.

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Know Your Worth

Knowing that you deserve better people around you , and treatment will keep your morale high. Toxic people live off off making others miserable because misery enjoys company.

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