Fletcher Cox Girlfriend’s Ex Dude She “Cheated On” Broke Into Cox’s House! The Ex Knew Of Cox Cheating W/ Her For A Year!

Old Thang Back

Philadelphia Fletcher Cox seems to always be in the middle of some trouble with the ladies! YT women to be exact. Last time he got sued by a North Carolina man for cheating with the man’s wife, and now a jaded Dallas Cowboy‘s fan broke into his house!

The CowBoy’s fan seemingly knew to know about his girlfriend and Cox for a year now! Corbyn Nyemah, allegedly went to Cox’s house in Mullica Hill, Gloucester County, on Oct. 16. !

Nyemah was there allegedly looking for his ex-girlfriend because according to him they were working things out !

The Girl Is Mine

Nyemah according to police damaged her vehicle, & threw rocks at Cox’s house! The scorned lover also attempted to break into the house before Cox got his shotgun. Nyemah ran for his life!

Nyemah was taken into custody in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia the next morning by the U.S. Marshals !

Nyemah was apparently returning to his home in Marcus Hook.

According to the complaint, Nyemah later sent texts of a suicidal nature to his ex-girlfriend, including pictures showing him with a firearm.

The damage caused to Cox’s home is said to be in excess of $2,000.

Man On A Mission

Pictures on Corbyn’s Instagram show how determined he was to get back at the Eagles player one way or another!

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