Bump, Bump Bump:Omarion Cant Catch A Break! J -Boog Allegedly Smashed His Mom!


From Omarion‘s B2k group member Lil Fizz smashing his ex girlfriend & mother of his two children Apryl Jones now this! Allegedly J Boog had sexual relations with Omarion’s mom! The bump, bump,bump allegedly went down during the taping of The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion show.

The rumor is pretty old though, and can dated back to 2011 on Lip Stick Alley. Also did you know Marques Houston from IMX aka immature and Omarion aren’t really brothers like they claimed to be! J Boog and Marques are actually cousins, and that s the only true relation within these groups.

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Omarion and His Mom Leslie

Leslie Burell, the mom to the Ice Box singer has always been vocal about his disdain against Apryl Jones! I guess she called it before we did. Mama always knows best, but mama gotta have a life too!

Omarion has yet to speak out about either rumor! We know why cause he has an ice box where his heart….never mind!

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