How He Carry It?: Quilly Drops Haines & Money! Is This His Best MixTape?


Quilly High ?

QPac back? The Haines Street rapper Quilly aka Quilly Millz dropped his anticipated latest body of work Haines & Money. Quill starts off with the Haines & Money intro detailing his career in last year or so, and is bringing back those Rapped Out bars. Now it’s dick up to the opps as he goes in on the accompanying track “Boast”.

Can He Keep Up?

Can Quilly keep up with the changing direction of hip hop? Sounds like he is trying, but the diversity of flow is lacking. “What You Thought ” is our favorite song off Haines & Money. Quilly Ruffin showcases his bi polar side when he spits about how his PO don’t ask for “no pee pee“!

I Love When You showcases another side of Quilly that we have’nt gotten to see. Quill gets his PNB Rock on with the vocals, and it’s something he should explore. The track highlights another side of the Haines Street hustla.

To be honest the tracks that we enjoy the most are the one’s when Quilly isn’t over bragging about his riches, and telling us stories about how he is trapping on the block. Just because we believe that’s not his overall persona as of now!

Never really has been, honestly.

Own Lane

Fans of the Dick Up rapper, and (haters) see him as the jokester or class clown. Maybe he should pick up where Kanye West left off since he was once called Quilly West. We know he is in the trenches, but he is definitely not seen as the killer , trap bull. Quilly is the out of pocket, live wire who says ,& does what he wants! The Uptown cocky dude aka Q Pac who lives life on the edge!

We would’ve appreciated more content that showcased his personality. Loyal fans enjoy his bars, but new fans that aren’t lyric focused don’t retain the attention span to tune in . Also the cadience/ harmony of his voice tends to sometimes roll over into one song to the next . Making it sound as if it was one long song.

While Quilly’s sticks to his signature style we need more variety! Some skits or sound bites of his viral lives in between songs would’ve also done him justice!

What’s Next?

Quilly fans should take this mixtape as a teaser to what’s next to come. Although flow diversity , and a little more creativity would’ve been clutch on Haines and Money we still enjoyed it. While this collection of 15 songs definitely isn’t his best body of work, we’ll take it as an appetizer! Haines & Money has made the top 100 of Apple Music (in 24 hours) which goes to show that the rapper still has got the attention of his fan base, and new fans alike! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Which Quilly mixtape is your favorite?

Listen Below to Haines & Money below:


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