OBH rapper Dark alp Arrested By FEDS for Witness Tampering ! Ar-AB Faces Life Sentence !

Dark Lo was allegedly charged with tampering with a 🐀 informant being used in #obharab trial . Ar Ab trial started last Monday. Dark Lo has been accused of tampering a confidential informant. AR-AB is one of three OBH family members on trial right now which started Last Monday! The feds are saying Dark Lo was basically intimidating the 🐀 by showing up to the trial everyday. The 🐀 got scared when it was time to sing on the stand., The informant used to be around OBH but was never super stamped by Ab . After the courtroom situation, the feds showed pulled up on Dark Lo’s crib with a warrant, and Dark Lo was taken into custody . He has a bail hearing Wednesday, November 13, 2019.!
ArAb is facing life is convicted


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