Is Gabrielle Union A Hypocrite For Supporting Wade’s Trans Child But Not His “Break Baby”? Son Has Same Bday As Her Daughter!

Gabrielle Union is very supportive of Dwayne Wade’s biological son ( who identify’s as trans of gender fluid) , but failed to show any support to the son her husband has fathered! Dwayne Wade came out and admitted to having a baby while on a “break” with Gabrielle Union when the two where just dating. By the way the two never put in their marriage license after the ceremony!

Wades son with Jordy Woods lil sis

The former baller has two sons from a previous marriage , and a nephew that he takes care of. His ride or die wife is a great mother to the boys. They also welcomed their now one year old daughter ( as of yesterday ) via surrogate . It’s crazy how Dwayne’s son from his mistress has the same birthday as he and Gabby’s daughter Kaavia James Union Wade!

Both Gabby and Wade post birthday wishes for the baby social media calls “shady baby”, but is it really her mom that’s the shady one?

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