“My daughter was kidnapped on Broad & Onley! Forced into prostitution at 12” Human Trafficking In Philly Nothing New!

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Do You See What’s Going On

Recently the mention of human trafficking has become more and more prevalent. But in all reality it’s always been a problem. Many are concerned with the Atlanta area, but Philadelphia has been a mecca of human trafficking for years. Many young women, and children have gone missing for years.

Where they went no one knows?

It’s Happen’s More Than Often

Two years ago riding the 32 SEPTA bus in the Strawberry Mansion area of Philadelphia I met an older woman. We randomly started talking.She revealed to me how her daughter was sex trafficked ! Her daughter was only 12 years old when two men pulled her inside of a car at Broad & Onley transportation center ( a busy bus hub) in broad daylight! As she told me how her daughter was on her way to pick up her little brother from day care, and was kidnapped by two men my heart dropped!

The next time she heard from her daughter she was 21 years old. Her daughter suffers from drug addiction, and she still is on the streets selling her body! The sadder part was the police refused to help her because they assumed she was a “fast , ass little black girl”, who ran away from home.

From the days of my teenage youth I can remember the older guys in the neighborhood basically pimping out the younger girls they called “smuts”. I can recount a time when this girl named 15 yr old Danielle was being “pimped” out. Danielle had found a group of trusted male companions that she would have sex with. Those very companions came up with a bright idea to pimp her out. From pills being dropped into her soda, to having sex behind dumpsters Danielle got turned out!

Justice Will Be Served

Just this past summer a man was convicted for human trafficking in Philadelphia. For months on end, police say 50 year old Richard Collins turned it into a prison for five women, forcing them into a life of drugs and prostitution. Collins reign of terror came to an end on June 18, 2018. That’s when one of his victims escaped in the middle of the night out the back door.

She climbed over barbed wire just to escape !

What Is Happening To Us?

In Philadelphia we take things other than murder too lightly.

A grown man having sex with a teenaged girl, “she know what she doing with him”!

Woman gets beat by her boyfriend, ‘well what did she do“?

We have become so desensitized to violence and crime it’s scary. That doesn’t mean we can’t change our future . We have to stop turning our heads the other way, and speak up. How many of us know a “freak bull” or someone who is blatantly disrespectful to women and others for no apparent reason?

Say Something, Speak TF Up!

Start speaking up, and enabling toxic behaviors. When other see that no one will check them they keep doing these bad deeds. Then their behaviors get worse because we live in a mind your business , and don’t say shit culture in Philadelphia.

Be aware of your surroundings. Know what’s going on in your neighborhood, and places that may be considered hazard zones. Alert your neighbors to dangers gong on in the neighborhood, so they don’t get caught up. If you see a woman being followed or harassed by a man say something!

We know it’s dangerous out here, and a lot of people get hurt doing the right thing. But people get killed even more by doing simply nothing!

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