NBA YB Sister Wives Gone Wild: Money Yaya & Arabian Beefing, Kayla Marie Might Be Preggo, Dej Got A Car, Jania Says YB Cant See Kacey!

NBA Young Boy really got all his sister wives panties in a bunch after buying his new girlfriend a “push gift”. Young Boy brought Deja Rose Gold a new porch and that set the girls OFF! Money Yaya and Arabian started going back and forth on Instagram.

Then Jania Meshell hopped on Instagram live to tell fans that her and YB son Kacey is NOT allowed to go with his father YB. All because ehe doesn’t know him! According to Jania, Kentrell doesn’t want a relationship with his son. Then Jania dropped bomb on Instagram saying that she isn’t surprised that “all these babies dropping in 2020”! This comes after fans speculate in YB ex girlfriend Kayyl Marie is pregnant!


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