Joycelyn Savage Paints A Picture Of Horror! From Drinking Urine , Eating Feces, & Home Abortions!

Welp we broke down and paid the $3 on Joycelyn Savage Patreon , so you can freeload off of us. The picture that Joycelyn painted is a gruesome one straight out of a Lifetime Movie…oh wait ! From having to eat his feces if not being able to hold down his pee to having a abortion at home, its wild!

For those who don’t believe her our question is simple ….why not? I saw the tape back in the day, and the man clearly peed on Sparkle’s niece. He also has never denied having attraction to underage women! Secondly why would he go so hard to keep Joycelyn Savage despite her parents blasting him? And didn’t he legally marry Aaliyah at age 15 ?!?!

It’s not rocket science , and the man’s own children have even came out against him. His own brothers admitted to that fact he is a pedophile, and said he did it! It’s not our truth to tell, so sit back and read it (for free) and future out why you would defend a man who has victimized young black girls for years. Including his own family.


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