R.Kelly Ex Girlfriend and Victim Says She’s Telling Her Side of Things!

Joycelyn Savage says she is tired of hiding her truth, and for $3 a month on Patreon you can hear her side! I just wish she would’ve put it on YouTube instead of charging people directly. I lessens the impact because we all know Robert Kelly is a alleged pedo, but now you prove the “checks must’ve dried up” nay sayers right!

Savage , who was in a poly relationship with Azerial Clary decided to move out of their shared apartment in the Trump Towers Hotel. The two were going strong after Kelly’s attest , but with out the puppet master there to control things went left. Azriel was the brains behind the duo of ladies ,and Savage was the yes man.

Many of R. Kelly’s victoms have left him since he was arrested. One victim whom he made turn into a boy after meeting her as a young teen even ran for it. Joycelyn says she was forced to sign a non disclosure, and couldn’t tell her story until it ran out.

Hopefully all the women he victimized are in good mind sets. Paying for Savage’s story isn’t a big deal,but in our opinion could’ve been shared differently. But then again it’s not my story to share or dictate how it’s shared. So I won’t judge her.


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