HIV Vaccine In The Works To Drop 2021!

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Thanks, But No Thanks….

I doubt if I would be the first in line for the new HIV Vaccine , but it may be a good alternative for people who have high exposure to HIV and STI’s. According to researchers on going trials have soon good promise that the HIV vaccine may be ready by 2021!

With America’s history of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment conducted in 1932 thru 1972 in Macon, Alabama. When the government paid a historical black college to conduct an experiment on 600 black men. During the experiment they lied to the men and told them they were testing Diabetes medicine on them, but they were really injecting syphilis into them. The government failed to properly treat them, and instead watched how the illness affected them over time. Those men went on unknowingly infecting their wives, and parters.

So with that given information I hope you see as to why I barely like getting the flu shot.

Heres an excerpt from NBC

On Sunday, World AIDS Day, the global fight against the human immunodeficiency virus is poised to make important advances thanks to three experimental HIV vaccines that are entering the final stages of testing at sites across the globe, NBC News reports. While any of these three late-stage HIV vaccine trials — known as HVTN 702, Imbokodo and Mosaico — could fail, scientists say they are more hopeful than at any time since 1984, when Secretary of Health and Human Services Margaret Heckler raised hopes by predicting that there would be a test-worthy HIV vaccine within two years. This is “perhaps one of the most optimistic moments we have been in,” said Dr. Susan Buchbinder, director of the Bridge HIV research program at the San Francisco Department of Public Health and a chair of both the Imbokodo and Mosaico trials. “We have three vaccines currently being tested in efficacy trials,” she said, “and it takes quite a bit to actually be promising enough in the earlier stages of trials to move you forward into an efficacy study.”

Will you be lining up for the HIV shot?

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