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NBA Young Boy Had Drama W/ Money Yaya , Bhad Bhabie, Jania Meshell & Dej RoseGold In 24 Hours? Did Money Yaya Have A Baby?

NBA Young Boy has had quite a week with his sister wives, and the internet is going wild. Fans have sent in IG stories that may indicate she was at his house. Some also believe that she allegedly had baby girl for YB. During this past summer rumors were swirling that she had a baby with NBA Young Boy . But it wasn’t actually confirmed.

Yaya at YB house allegedly

In Yaya’s IG story she posted up a tv which some think was at YB’s house in New Orleans.

Fans figured out the low battery beeping noise in YB’s house and Yaya’s video were the same that Dej had on live while in YB’s crib!

Bhad Bhabie (Danielle Bregoli),and YB supposedly added Dani’s arch nemesis Malu Trevejo to their group chat dissing her. To make a long story short Malu exposed it on Instagram , and Bhad Bhabie pulled up to Malu’s house. They didn’t fight (of course), and Bhad Bhabie is feeling happy because she got her man Kentrell back.

Dej Rose Gold his current girlfriend says she wants no parts of the “circus”, and managed to keep the Porsche he brought her. Fans are also saying she is still laid up with NBA YoungBoy despite her tweets saying she was single.

Jania Meshell and her son Kacey dad YB are going at it over his song where he claims Jania gave him herpes. Jania says she never gave him the ides ease , and she really doesn’t have it. Supposedly YB used that to gain attention .

Pray for the youth man cuz bruh……

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