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Money Yaya Allegedly Stabbed NBA YB 5th (pregnant) Baby Mom ! And Is Kayyl Marie Faking Her Pregnancy?!?!

NBA YB and Money Yaya In Happier Times

So today is one for the history ppls for NBA YoungBoy! Maybe Kentrell needs to lay off the women for a while. Money Yaya allegedly stabbed his 5th baby mom Lapattra Jacobs.

Jacobs is allegedly pregnant, and has been around YB for a while now. Her friends are praying for her, and is allegedly in critical condition. Yaya’s bail was $30k which implies that she is in trouble !

Here’s a picture of the baby mom Iyanna Mayweather allegedly yo stabbed!

Also someone said on Twitter they saw YBS baby Mom Kayyl . They girl said Kay wasn’t pregnant. She is also staying with a friend because her parents kicked her out. Yaya allegedly also alluded to being pregnant last summer by Young Boy!

What is in theat NBA Young Boy crack pipe?

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