LAHH Akbar V Allegedly On Camera Eating The Box!

Love & Hip Hop’ Atlanta rapper Akbar V is allegedly on Porn Hub eating some unknown young lady’s box allegedly of course. You can take a look at the video for yourself, and be the judge. We know that Akbar V has been lusting over Meek Mill’s right hand mans Omelly, but we didn’t know she was bi- sexual.

Quarantine 2020 has everyone trying out new food, and picking up new hobbies, so maybe Akbar V wanted to try new things. The self proclaimed queen of Atlanta just got weight loss surgery , and was spotted on the scene with her brudda Young Thug.

The rapper is in the video with some lovellyyyyyy young lady, and the woman who resembles Akbar V in the video is rocking a bonnet while engaging in oral sex.

You can watch the tape here


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