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Lala Vasquez Anthony Defends Carmelo Anthony USA Olympics Snub &Get’s Teary Eyed Answering Divorce Questions!

Lala Vasquez Anthony knows no one wins when the family feuds, so she is out here defending her estranged husbands name! When paparazzi asked Lala Anthony about her estranged husband Carmelo Anthony‘s fate with the Olympics Team USA Basketball team. “Out of respect [Team USA] should [invite Anthony],” […]


19 Yr Old Rapper Tay K 47 Sentenced To 55 Years ! Jury Listened To His Song He Made While On The Run Before Sentencing! Still Faces Capital Murder Charge For A DIFFERENT MURDER!

North Texas, 19 year old rapper Tay Kay 47career has came to a hault after pleading gulity to home invasion and robbery, and being found guilty for murdering the victim! According to Pitch Fork TayK, whose real name is Taymor Travon McIntyre, was 16 at the time of […]