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R.Kelly Locked Up….Again! Been Hit W/ Federal Sex Trafficking Charges!

R.Kelly has been skating on thin ice this year and, every time he’s been arrested he has been able to maneuver through the legal system. Well this time the Federal authorities stepped in, and it’s not looking to good for the Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number singer. […]


Exclusive: Lala Anthony Pushing Thru Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged Yacht Fling W/ Insta “Model” Sara ! Carmelo Is AllegedlyTrying To Keep Baby Mom From Spilling More Tea!

We were the first to tell you that Lala Anthony‘s birthday was allegedly ruined after her husband Jordan Brand baller Carmelo Anthony was spotted in France on a yacht with Sara Smiri! We discovered it was a model named Sara Smiri after a former “friend” of the Insta […]