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Lil Mo’s Husband Boxer Karl Dargan Accused Of Stealing A Woman’s Debit Card While At Dave& Buster’s!Allegedly Used It To Buy Games! Karl Responds!

Philly boxer and husband to singer Lil Mo , Karl “Dynamite” Dargan was accused by a woman of stealing her debit card while a Dave & Buster’s restaurant/arcade in Philadelphia. The woman says she dropped her card, and the restaurant’s camera’s show Karl picking it up! The Marriage […]

Cardi B Sues Blogger Tasha K For Posting Old Cardi Song About Her Stripper Past &Rumors Made By Cardi’s Old Stripper “Friend”+ Cardi Goes On Instagram Rant About Black Bloggers!

It was all good when Black bloggers were posting Cardi B rants against other people like Jussie Smollett, and Donald Trump. Now Cardi B says Black bloggers are the ones to blame why White media capitalizes off of Black culture. Cardi B is in the process of suing […]