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Woman Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Delivers Baby In Amazon Warehouse Then Throws It In The Garbage!

According to NBC News, an woman form Arizona was arrested for leaving her newborn baby in a trash can at anger place of employment ; an Amazon warehouse. Samantha Vivier ,22, was charged with unlawful disposal of human remains after she threw her newborn baby in the trash to […]


Chance The Rapper Denounces “Friends” Accused Of Rape, Linked To R.Kelly Alleged 14-Year-Old “Piss On” You Victim .

Chance is back in the “Surving R.Kelly” drama . On Sunday, @pppermint (Joan Harris) shared in very detailed tweets, that shewas a victim of sexual assault at the hands of Chicago rapper Preston Oshita aka Towkio , and on another instance of sexual assault involving Chance The Rapper’s drummer Stix. Harris […]