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Cardi B The First Female Performer At AVN Awards!

Cardi B has made history….again. Bardi performed in Las Vegas at the AVN Awards, for a private concert for attendees. The awards took place in Las Vegas, and is an award show for adult entertainment superstars. Being as though Cardi B is a former exotic dancer she was […]


Detroit Lions Player Beats Up Man Masterbating Outside His Daughter’s Window

Detroit Lions Defensive back player whooped a white man’s ass for masterbating outside the window of his young daughter’s room in Florida. Tony Beckham, former Detroit Lions defensive back (pictured above) caught pedophile 48-year-old Geoffrey Cassidy (mughshot below) with his pants partially down, touching himself while looking into Beckham’s 15-year-old daughter’s room . […]

Sony Music Drops R.Kelly

SONY Music Label had dropped R.Kelly from their roster, and quietly have decided to drop him off of their late as an artist. This is due to the heated protest revolving around the new reveled and old of sexual misconduct with underage girls. The Lifetime documentary series “Surviving […]