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R.Kelly’s Alleged Sex Cult Members Allege That Kelly’s Staff Has Left Them Broke! Also R.Kelly Allegedly Is Scared Of General Population!

According to Gloria Schmidt Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary’s attorney R.Kelly‘s staffers have left his alleged sex slaves, and live in girlfriends BROKE! While the two sent in a video of them in Kelly’s Trump Towers Hotel / Apartment in Chicago to clear up reports made by the […]


Nipsey Hussle’s Business Was Involved In A Gang Investigation Prior To Death! Also Many Supporters Haven’t Received Their Marathon Clothing Orders From Months Ago!

Nipsey Hussle store The Marathon Clothing Store, and strip mall were under gang investigation, but according to TMZ Nipsey was not the specific target. Authorities were more interested with the activity surrounding the Nipsey’s businesses! The store rumored to be under jeopardy of being seized by the FEDS, […]

Exclusive: Lala Anthony Pushing Thru Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged Yacht Fling W/ Insta “Model” Sara ! Carmelo Is AllegedlyTrying To Keep Baby Mom From Spilling More Tea!

We were the first to tell you that Lala Anthony‘s birthday was allegedly ruined after her husband Jordan Brand baller Carmelo Anthony was spotted in France on a yacht with Sara Smiri! We discovered it was a model named Sara Smiri after a former “friend” of the Insta […]