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Gucci Sends Out Angry Customer Guidelines To Store Employees!

TMZ has gotten their hands on Gucci’s guideline’s on how they want their employee’s to handle disgruntle or clout chasing customers. Gucci knows they are in some shit, and their CEO Marco Bizzarri has yet to fly to Harlem to meet with Dapper Dan. The documents show they […]


Update: Jussie Refuses To Turn Over His Phone !Police Identify Jussie Smollet Attackers BUT Is He Lying About His Attack? We think so!

Update Via We’ve confirmed with law enforcement sources that Smollett refused to turn his cellphone over to authorities after telling them he was on the phone with his manager during the incident. New surveillance of Jussie Smollet’s attackers have been found, and reportedly he is healing and in full […]