Dame Dash Doesn’t F**K With R.Kelly “Aaliyah Couldn’t Talk About It, That Dude Was A Bad Man”

The music business mogul sat down with Kenyatta “The Hip Hop Motivator”, discussing why he never f*cked wit R. Kelly , and it’s all over Aaliyah. Dame claims Aaliyah was so traumatized after her “relationship” with the “Piped Piper” singer that she shut down when talking about Kelly. […]


R.Kelly Plans To Sue Lifetime+Aaliyah’s Mom Speaks Out

R.Kelly plans to sue Lifetime over their six part Documentary that aired last night. Now if you don’t know how I feel about R.Kelly then read this lil number https://rappedout.com/2018/12/11/r-kelly-is-the-king-of-finessing-little-girls-and-black-people-period/.  R.Kelly has had a long history of having sexual relationships with under age girls. His first wife Aaliyah […]