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Nipsey Hussle’s Brother Files To Block The Crips From Trademarking “The Marathon Continues”!

“Not so fast” is what Nipsey Hussle‘s brother Blacc Sam is saying to The Crips LLC who filled to trademark their former gang member Nipsey Hussle’s famous quote! Blacc Sam filled to become the head of Nipsey’s estate being as though they built it together, and Nipsey Hussle […]


Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mom Allegedly Posts On Face Book That She & Nipsey Were Still Messing Around Before His Death! + Custody Hearing Today For Their Daughter Today!

Updated 12:44 PM Chyna Hussle Post’s Picture On IG before court Nipsey Hussle‘s baby mom Tanisha aka Chyna Hussle is allegedly saying that she and Nipsey were still messing around before the time of his tragic death. According to facebook posts that are allegedly from her account Tanisha […]