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Undefeated : Gervontaa Davis Wins W/ TKO Against Nunez ! Did Gervontaa Propose To Ari Fletcher?

Gervontaa Davis brought his beloved city (that Donald Trump called rat infested) Baltimore a win during his homecoming boxing match Saturday night! Davis won by knock out, and everyone went wild! Fans are also speculating that he may have proposed to or married his girlfriend Ari Fletcher during […]


19 Yr Old Rapper Tay K 47 Sentenced To 55 Years ! Jury Listened To His Song He Made While On The Run Before Sentencing! Still Faces Capital Murder Charge For A DIFFERENT MURDER!

North Texas, 19 year old rapper Tay Kay 47career has came to a hault after pleading gulity to home invasion and robbery, and being found guilty for murdering the victim! According to Pitch Fork TayK, whose real name is Taymor Travon McIntyre, was 16 at the time of […]