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R.Kelly’s Alleged Sex Slave Joycelyn Savage’s Father Sends Her A Message In New Interview!

Allegedly these are the two parents that took their daughters to an R. Kelly concert. Then backstage to meet him in person. The parents then allegedly made a deal with Kelly to allow him to house their daughters, so that he could, um, “educate them musically”. Rapped Out. […]


Sony Music Drops R.Kelly

SONY Music Label had dropped R.Kelly from their roster, and quietly have decided to drop him off of their late as an artist. This is due to the heated protest revolving around the new reveled and old of sexual misconduct with underage girls. The Lifetime documentary series “Surviving […]

R.Kelly Plans To Sue Lifetime+Aaliyah’s Mom Speaks Out

R.Kelly plans to sue Lifetime over their six part Documentary that aired last night. Now if you don’t know how I feel about R.Kelly then read this lil number https://rappedout.com/2018/12/11/r-kelly-is-the-king-of-finessing-little-girls-and-black-people-period/.  R.Kelly has had a long history of having sexual relationships with under age girls. His first wife Aaliyah […]