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Nipsey Hussle’s Killer Shot Him W/ 2 Different Guns After Nipsey Asked Him Was He A Snitch!

More news in coming out revolving around rapper Nipsey Hussle‘s death, and the details are heartbreaking. Nipsey Hussle was murdered in front of his shopping plaza by a rat named Eric Holder March 2019! Eric Holder in front a grand jury! During the grand jury hearing, Deputy District […]


Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mom Allegedly Posts On Face Book That She & Nipsey Were Still Messing Around Before His Death! + Custody Hearing Today For Their Daughter Today!

Updated 12:44 PM Chyna Hussle Post’s Picture On IG before court Nipsey Hussle‘s baby mom Tanisha aka Chyna Hussle is allegedly saying that she and Nipsey were still messing around before the time of his tragic death. According to facebook posts that are allegedly from her account Tanisha […]