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Joycelyn Savage Paints A Picture Of Horror! From Drinking Urine , Eating Feces, & Home Abortions!

Welp we broke down and paid the $3 on Joycelyn Savage Patreon , so you can freeload off of us. The picture that Joycelyn painted is a gruesome one straight out of a Lifetime Movie…oh wait ! From having to eat his feces if not being able to […]


R.Kelly Ex Staffers Turn Over 20 UnderAge Sex Tapes Starring Mr. Age Aint Nothing But A Number” Himself! Kelly Partied It Up Days Before Arrest & Hiding Money From The Feds?

R. Kelly‘s former staff said they aren’t covering for the Trapped In The Cell Closet singer /songwriter R.Kelly anymore! According to the lawyer of multiple women involved in the now federal case run by the Northern District of Illinois uncovered over 20 videos of Kelly engaged with minors! […]