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Singer Aveon Alleges Gay Affair W/ Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter+ Gets Fired From Wendy Show & Wendy Repossessed His Mistress Ferrari!

The Breakfast Club addressed allegations made by singer Aveon about Wendy Williams soon to be ex- husband Kevin Hunter. Aveon was signed to Kevin Hunter, and alleged a secret love affair with Kevin. Aveon says it all started when they went to the spa, and performed oral sex […]


Wendy William’s Husband Kevin Hunter’s Mistress Sharina Hudson Allegedly Had Their Baby In Philly This Week!

The 33 year old alleged mistress Sharina Hudson reportedly delivered her and Wendy William’s husband Kevin Hunter‘s baby girl in Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia according to Bossip. They alleged new parents decided with Philly because they wanted to avoid the paparazzi. Details of Kevin and Sharina’s alleged affair […]